Frequently Asked Questions 

How does the bag convert? 

Our bag is so easy to convert - perfect for those times your in a rush or have your hands full. You simply pull the handle up to make it a tote or pull the shoulder straps to make it a back pack. Voila!! 


Will the straps loop over pram handle?

The straps don't fit over most pram handles. We have pram clips coming soon. 

How do I stop the straps sliding through when it is in tote mode? 

The folded leather tabs on the straps are there to stop the straps sliding through when it is worn as a tote. Simply, place folded tabs against the metal D-rings when you convert it.


How do I clean the bag?

Our bags are made with beautiful waxed canvas and leather, for this reason particular care needs to be taken when cleaning. Do not machine wash. Do not use hot or warm water.

Start by brushing off any dried dirt with a brush. We suggest a spot clean where possible with cold water and a sponge. For stubborn marks try a small amount of mild soap (test a small area first). Air dry thoroughly. If the lining needs washing we suggest pulling the lining out and hand washing being careful not to wet the leather. 

How can I take care of the leather?

Left untreated rain can damage the leather leaving water spots, fading the dye and stretching it out. We suggest spraying the leather with a protective coating such as scotchguard to prevent this.

Got any other questions? Drop us an email.